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(Dance mom) 

"Dance is such an important part of my daughter's life. Finding Studio B last year was the best thing to happen to her! The instructors provide a positive, nurturing, and motivating learning environment that my daughter loves. She has been pushed to reach new heights in her technique and expression! They create amazing competition dances that uphold each child's integrity and innocence by being mindful of costumes, music, and moves. We are always so proud of what they help the girls achieve together. All of the teams feel like family! We love Studio B!"

(Dance mom) 

"Not only does my daughter LOVE Studio B, but I do as well. Beth work very hard to make sure each dancer is dancing to their full potential. They make sure that we are dancing in competitions that are on our level as well. My daughter loves seeing both of her teachers and she takes instruction from them very well. Their costumes are always very age appropriate - which sets well with my husband. We love representing Studio B and look forward to coming back when the next season starts!"

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